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What is it?

Self guided personal and wellbeing development to help you understand yourself and learn how to handle the ups and downs of life, so you can flourish.


Proven Methods

Built by leading specialists in clinical and positive psychology, wellbeing science, coaching, communication and mindfulness.

Powerfully Simple

Learn in bite size chunks at your own pace. Focus on specific aspects of your life or let us guide your path.


Receive personalised notifications to nudge you towards building new positive habits. Responses are tracked in your dashboard to guide progress.

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Learn about yourself and your life with over 100 engaging exercises, guides and practices in over 22 focus areas. New content added regularly.


Become more self aware by tracking important measures such as your stress, wellbeing and sleep.


Develop positive new habits such as gratitude to hydration to meditation by taking on a daily challenge.


For Business

Empower individual employees with greater self-awareness and understanding, so that they can build stronger mental health, happiness and wellbeing.

Less presenteeism, improved resilience = improved productivity and employer brand.


    A Digital Platform for Growth

    Based on the principles of personal development and practices of positive psychology.

    Moving from wellness to wellbeing - a whole-of-life approach to people development.

    Affordable, Personalised and Guided.

    Employee Resilience

    Help your employees build self-understanding and show them how and where they can take control of their life.

    Companies that support their employees and show they care about the whole person end up with more engaged, resilient and happily employed people.


    Adoptable Tools

    Our curated content is easily integrated to enhance your existing people development initiatives.

    Pick and choose any programs and exercises to amplify group training or individual development plans.

    Start team conversations utilising content and programme outcomes to break the ice.

    Self-Assessment Markers

    Your organisation dashboard delivers aggregated, privacy protected, self-reporting Wheel of Life and Stress and Wellbeing markers to measure over time.


    Investing in People

    Investing in your people’s personal and wellbeing development is essential to attract and retain good people.

    The ‘wellbeing of our people’ has becoming as important as health and safety and customer experience in measuring the effectiveness of a progressive organisation.

    But wellbeing isn’t just wellness - health and fitness. The whole person needs to be supported and developed.

    Traditional employee development methods are not cost effective or scaleable for all employees.

    It is a competitive edge to have people in their best possible state - not a social service.

    For Business


    Ideal for 200 employees @ $39.96 each



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For Individuals

Open the Door is designed to empower you to live a flourishing life. One that is happy, meaningful and worthwhile.


    Time to work on you

    Open the Door was created with a whole-of-life approach; your work and play, social and private. Giving you a guided pathway of self discovery and personal development.

    Learn and share

    Learn with other like minded people, share experiences and inspire each other to put discoveries into practice.



    Understand Yourself

    Look at yourself from various perspectives to understand who you are and why you do what you do.

    Build Resilience

    Learn how to handle the ups and downs of your life.

    Take Control

    Learn tools and positive habits for growth.

    Feel Connected

    Understand what makes your life fulfilling.

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  • “I like that it’s so simple but comprehensive for our people to use. So much more than I thought it was.”
    NZ Property Company
  • “I like that I can use this as little or as much as I need. Depending on my state of mind. I also found it really useful for my teenage children.”
    Steve - Individual
  • “This is great – the platform addresses so many of the areas we need to work with our people on. Comprehensive and a complete package.”
    CEO, Global Packaging Company
  • “I have discovered so much about myself that I hadn’t thought of.”
    Ella - Individual
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    Sue Kohn-Taylor

    Personal Development Coach and Co-Founder

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    Marcus Kohn-Taylor

    Director and Co-Founder

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    Dr Aaron Jarden

    Wellbeing Assessment Advisor

  • Image

    Dave Williams

    Chief Platform Officer

  • Image

    Brett Toomes

    Design and UI Director

  • Image

    Brendon Sakey

    Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher

  • Image

    Lynne Trenwith

    Interpersonal Communications Specialist

  • Image

    Sandy Leo

    Wellness and Fitness Coach

  • Image

    Steven Dromgool

    Relationship Counsellor

  • Image

    Val Leveson

    Grief Counsellor

  • Image

    Lee Brodie

    Career Consultant

  • Image

    Amanda Morrall

    Personal Finance Specialist and Author

  • Image

    Kirsten Taylor

    Naturopathic Sleep Specialist

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    Centre for Mindful

  • Image

    Linda Pickstock

    Wellness and Yoga Teacher

  • Image

    Ingrid Eyres

    Chief Editor

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